Tuesday, March 12, 2013

a preview from Mountains Climbed

Introducing Garrett Stone, Sarah's new love interest in the sequel to Mountains Wanted.

Here is an excerpt in its raw, unedited form (subject to change in the final draft, of course!)

    “I think we were about to go find someplace just a bit more private and comfy,” Sarah replied before his mouth reached hers. She grabbed his hand and led him through the curtains and down the stairs into the backstage area. She pulled him down the hallway and into the ladies’ dressing room. She didn’t bother flipping on the lights but steered him toward the shabby, throw-covered loveseat at the far end of the room.

    He got his bearings and promptly sat down, pulling Sarah down on top of him so that she was straddling his thighs. Their lips found each other again and he lifted her shirt up and over her head, tossing it across the room. His hands were everywhere like tentacles on an octopus: in her hair, down her back, cupping her breasts, unhooking her bra. The contrast of her bare breasts against his hard chest made her nipples erect and wanting, and as if reading her mind he bent as she arched her back so he could take one into his mouth. It had been so long...over two months now...she almost felt like she was going to climax just from the feel of his teeth raking against her flesh.

    She pulled back and slid onto the floor between his legs, fumbling with the zipper to his jeans in the dark. He decided to assist as a sense of urgency had grown in the tiny sliver of space between their bodies. Sighing, he finally stood and finished the job of removing his clothes and Sarah ran her fingers up his naked thighs, across his abs and down to his pelvis, trying to get a sense of his body even in the darkness. She gasped when her hand brushed against the throbbing member sprung out toward her.

    She wrapped her fingers around his cock, her eyes widening as she got a sense of his length and girth. Holy fuck, she thought, this may be the biggest one I have ever seen. Or felt, rather, since I can’t actually see it. She lowered herself to her knees again and flicked her tongue against the head, then licked up his shaft, mentally measuring eight...nine inches? Oh. My. God.  She gripped him at the base, her fist covering four inches and it wasn’t even half of his length. She steadied him there and slid her mouth down on the rest of his shaft, her other hand caressing his compact but taut hindquarters.

    He groaned as she took him as deep into her throat as she could without choking. He moved his hand from her shoulder to her hair, wrapping it around his hand again and guiding her mouth as she worked his cock. “Do you want this cock inside you?” he moaned, tightening his grip.

    She couldn’t believe how fast this was happening. They were standing on the stage one minute and the next they were naked in the dressing room. Have I thought this through? she asked herself, her lips making a slurping sound as she plunged back down on his monster tool. Fuck, I don’t care, she decided. It’s been too long. I need it. I want him. “Yes, yes please,” she begged, suddenly feeling submissive, feeling like she wanted to give herself, to put the control in his hands.

    He bent down to retrieve a condom from his jeans pocket. Well-prepared, I see, Sarah noted with a laugh under her breath. He rolled it down over his cock and sat back down on the loveseat in his original position. He found Sarah’s wrist easily this time as their eyes had adjusted to the darkness and jerked her down to his lap where she felt his cock jut against her stomach. She sat up on her knees and encircled him with her fingers, brushing the head between her lips, easing him into her passage. Oh my god, I don’t know if he will fit, she thought as his progress immediately met with resistance. She wiggled her hips a bit and...nothing. Only the tip was inside.

    Garrett was growing impatient, throbbing with anticipation. He powerfully pushed her off him, lifted himself to his feet, then grabbed her again and threw her to the loveseat so that her head was at the end in one swift motion. He forcefully spread her thighs with one hand and found the opening to her sex with his other as it wrapped around his cock. Even then, it took him several seconds to work himself fully inside her.

    Oh, god, Sarah thought as she struggled to adjust to the stretching, the feeling of him filling her. She felt the walls of her sex gush as he pressed against her cervix so hard it was teetering along the very line between pain and pleasure. She flashed back to her first time with Pawel and the feeling of him pounding against her cervix. But Garrett had both Pawel’s length and James’ girth. The best of both worlds, she thought as his tempo began to intensify. Or fuck, this may be too much!  “Not too hard,” she whispered into his ear between ragged, punctuated breaths. “It’s been awhile.”

    “You’ll get used to it,” he said in a low voice and fell into a slower, more steady rhythm. He wrapped his hands underneath her, lifting her pelvis into him, making her take him deep inside her.

    Sarah cried out as every single nerve in her body was suspended on that tightrope. She felt his hot breath tickle against her ear followed by primal grunts as he pushed himself deeper and deeper inside of her. Sensing the pleasure he was receiving from her, she opened to him, feeling her wetness ease the friction. She wrapped her legs around his and stroked her fingers down his back as she began to feel the pressure build from deep within her pelvis. She tried not to think about the mess they were potentially making on the dressing room couch and surrendered to the shower of molten sparks infiltrating her body, feeling it consume her and absorb her in its fiery passion. “Oh god, Garrett, I’m going to come,” she moaned into his ear as his bristly chin rubbed against her cheekbone. She felt his lips curl into a smile against her skin, his energy and determination renewed.

    Her release was like a million fireworks raining down golden sparkles all around her. Only wetter, she realized, feeling a warm gush trickle onto her thighs. He waited for her to finish spasming around him and then he pulled out and rose to his feet. She looked at him expectantly but was still too breathless from her orgasm to produce speech. “Oh, I’m not done with you,” he announced, sensing her confusion. “Quite the contrary, in fact. I’m just letting you catch your breath.”

    “Oh,” she managed as he pulled her to her feet and twirled her around 180 degrees. She felt his hand on her back shove her to her knees on the loveseat. His fingers gripped her asscheeks, digging into her voluptuous flesh, as he guided his cock back into her dripping slit. “Oh fuck!” she screamed as he slammed into her cervix again, the sensations rushing through her entire nervous system.

    She was amazed by his control and confidence. He stroked in and out of her, holding her hair like reins and telling her all the nasty things he planned do to her the next time he fucked her. Already anticipating a next time, she processed. I like that. The sound of his raspy voice, awash with pleasure, filled her ears, telling her how good it felt inside her, sending her over the edge again. The pain she had originally felt due to his size had dissipated and she was arching her back and pushing back against him with each thrust, her body exploding around his massive cock. “I want to make you come too,” she moaned after the third orgasm rocked through her.

    “Well, you’re about to,” he promised. He gripped her hips firmly as he picked up his pace, first with quick shallow strokes, then with increasing depth and vigor. She braced herself, the intensity of the sensations causing her body to feel like a bowl of jello, quivering beneath his power. Finally: “Oh god...” his voice trailed off and suddenly she felt empty. He’d pulled out, ripped off the condom and she felt the hot spurts of his orgasm land in puddles on her back. Against her hips, she felt his thighs trembling from the intensity of his release

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  1. I need a cigarette, and I don't even smoke..lol

  2. I think I need a cigarette, and I don't smoke...lol. awesome.....

  3. Wow.. That was hot, hot!! I might not be missing James after all ;-)

  4. simply breathtaking. thank heavens i had a ciggy left in my pack:)