Friday, March 15, 2013

be still

Be still, my soul, though dearest friends depart
And all is darkened in the vale of tears;
Then shalt thou better know His love, His heart,
Who comes to soothe thy sorrows and thy fears.

Being still is not something I am good at. When I'm facing something challenging or I'm depressed, I want to keep moving. I talk to people. I distract myself. The worst thing for me to do would be to isolate myself, shut out the light and dwell on whatever it is hanging over me.

That's why it's so hard for me to understand people who crawl into a dark cave at times like these. I always end up feeling helpless because I absorb their pain into my own psyche and nothing I say or do seems to get through. The walls are up.

Sometimes I wish I had walls. Instead I'm just particles, shooting out into the atmosphere, bouncing off of other people's walls.

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