Tuesday, April 16, 2013

inked up

I hate it when I want to incorporate something into my story, I totally mean to do it, but then I forget. Sure, I can go back and add it in the multitude of edits I make, but still, it pisses me off anyway.

So something I mean to do to help contrast the characters of James and Garrett a little more is to make the latter tattooed. See, James is fairly traditional and conservative whereas Garrett is more worldly and progressive. 

I decided in the course of chapter 6, which I finished this morning, that Garrett has the following tattoos: one on each shoulder/upper arm, one on his chest, a large one across his upper back and another on his right calf. The one on his back is described as an owl clutching a scroll. I haven't described the others yet.

So, knowing that Garrett is a tall, fit redhead poli sci PhD student who is very assertive, charismatic, open about his sexuality and an extraordinarily talented singer/actor/pianist, what do you think his other tattoos should be?

Do you have tattoos and how do they reflect your personality?


  1. I do have several...and they all represent a time in my life of significant importance...I would trade them for the world.

  2. Something musical for sure...maybe a tattoo of some of the sheet music of a song that means a lot to him? If he's done some traveling, tattoos from a country he loved and spent time in would be good too. Also, something to reflect his ancestry...like if he's Irish, something Celtic, or Northern European, something with Vikings or a tattoo from Norse mythology, like Odin or Thor or Freyja (my favourite Norse goddess)

    I have 2 tattoos, one I got when I was 19 and would really like to have covered up with a different tattoo, and my divorce tattoo on my arm that says "Failure is not an option". I have plans for at least 3 more as well

  3. def something musical. perhaps piano keys that shift into flowing music notes?