Thursday, February 25, 2016

Fellow Author Friday - Judith Fullerton

One of the things I've really enjoyed this year and has helped me grow as a writer is starting a group on Facebook for fellow indie authors. I can't tell you how much I have learned in only a month or two of interacting with my amazing colleagues. I wanted to give a little back and to facilitate collaboration and exposure for my friends by featuring a fellow indie on my blog every Friday. 

So, without further ado, I give you my interview with author Judith Fullerton:

       1. When and how did you decide to become a writer?

My writing journey began as a child. I struggled to read due to a childhood trauma, so was often in the remedial reading group. Luckily for me, my teachers and parents encouraged me to read and write every day.  I was determined and it worked. I developed a love of both reading and writing.  For years I'd write little stories and keep them in a journal, but no-one ever got to see them, I guess I was embarrassed.  A friend finally convinced me to write something longer, as she said I had a natural talent for story-telling. So I did!

2. Where do you get inspiration for your stories?

The inspiration for my stories come from many trips to the Antrim coast (for those of you who don’t know – this is where Game of Thrones is filmed). The place is renowned for its myths and legends, but many stories have been lost through the generations. I wanted to revive these legends and bring them into modern-day storytelling as everyone can, and should be, touched by magic! My first novel, The Selkie Pact was inspired by one of these trips. My husband and I were walking along the beach in Ballintoy when we saw a lone seal swimming out in the fierce waves.  For such a little seal, he braved the strong currents and even seemed to be enjoying the experience. It was a magical moment - my first seal encounter - and one I will never forget.  Hence my story was born!

3. What makes you unique as a writer? What do you think sets you apart from other writers?

I’m a writer who couldn’t read as a child. That makes me strive to write stories that even the weakest reader can follow. I don’t think that I’m a great writer, but I am passionate about what I do. I firmly believe this gives my stories life, which engages my readers. I’m always learning and not ashamed to say so. I’m not in competition with anyone other than myself, so I enjoy interacting with fellow indie authors – exchanging ideas and worries – the support they provide makes the journey all the more enjoyable!

Thank you, Judith! Join in next week for a new Fellow Author Friday!

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