Tuesday, September 25, 2012

don't call it...

writer's block.

That's like the STD of the literary world, right?  Is there some sort of euphemism I don't know about?

I took a break after finishing Chapter 11.  I just wasn't feeling it and shit at my real job (i.e. the one that pays the bills) hit the fan.  I now have a surprise and looming deadline for a project on which my entire career hinges.  Is it any wonder I'm distracted?

Despite that, I started Chapter 12 last night.  I've been thinking a lot about the pace of the book and whether or not it's too slow.  My writing partner is always trying to get me to slow down and add detail but sometimes I think it's just dragging.  I'm anxious to have more feedback and have added another set of eyes to the project.

I'm going to be extra nice to myself until the work deadline passes, then it's nose to the grindstone if this book is going to be done by Christmas.

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