Saturday, September 15, 2012

wrestling with mountain lions

Mountain lions have been in my thoughts this week.

It started when my lover went incommunicado while hiking in the mountains of Washington.  After three days I was still trying to decide if I should be angry or worried.  Looking to diffuse the situation with humor, I theorized that he (a vegan) was probably eaten by mountain lions.  How ironic.

He finally got in  touch last night and claims he had no reception.  He had reception for the first part of his trip so I'm not sure I totally buy it, but I told him I was glad he didn't get eaten by mountain lions.  That would be a pretty horrific way to go, huh?

Writing this week has been tedious.  I finished an important erotic scene and then since then I've felt pretty blah.  I have sort of a bridge chapter where I'm exploring some of the main character's thoughts and feelings and also one event that is setting the stage for the ending of the book.  I'm wrestling with my own mountain lions in writing this chapter.  Although I want the reader to feel like she is crawling around inside the main character's head, I don't want it to be boring.  So I'm constantly trying to balance the "exciting" parts of the book with the "baring my soul" parts.  A lot of the main character's internal dialogue is stuff that's played out in my own head, and I've blogged about it and my readers seem to identify with it so I thought it was rich material for the book.  But reading back over it, I get bored.  Maybe I'm just bored with my own life?

In any case, I have some serious editing to do.  That's another mountain lion.  I seem to never be done editing. No matter how many times I read through, I change something.

Hopefully after the weekend, my motivation and inspiration will return and the mountain lions will stay away.

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