Tuesday, January 1, 2013

a tiny golden chance...

So I did it in 2012. I self-published my first book almost three weeks ago.

And now I sit.

And wait.

I'm frustrated because my expectations were probably too high. I have a blog audience of 1600 plus a community of lifestyle friends that numbers almost 500 and yet I have sold very few copies. I thought a lot of people would jump on board to support me. They said they would, anyway :P

Maybe they still will.

I can't help but feel if a critical mass is reached, if those readers start telling their friends, and they buy the book and tell their friends, then it will catch on.

Being patient has never been my strong suit. Ever. Maybe this is going to teach me a much needed lesson. I thought I'd already learned the lesson of not getting things I want in the past two years, so I hope it's not another plot to drive that point home. Cause I got it already. Trust me.

Actually I'm not really waiting around. I *am* working on book two. I'm 10K words in so far, not too bad, just about 10% done probably. I'm enjoying it.

Trying to look forward, keeping hope alive, staying strong, looking for a tiny golden chance.

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