Tuesday, February 12, 2013

on not looking back

I've already talked about letting my blog on AFF go. In addition, I'm letting a friendship fade into oblivion and it was a friendship made there on the blogs. The details are not important, what is important is that every time I speak of this friend on the blog, a whole slew of people we pissed off in the past come out of the woodwork and start visiting.

Oh, the drama.

My friend and I pissed off a lot of people back in the day, mostly because they thought we were trying to manipulate the blog popularity rankings,which we did, but not for the reasons people think. We even admitted we did, but that wasn't good enough. People wanted us to admit to having an evil motive but the truth is, we didn't. Well, I didn't. I can't really speak for my friend.

There was a whole group of people- whom I had been friends with at one point - who wrote nasty, nasty things about me onsite, talked shit about me offsite, and basically tried to force me to leave out of embarrassment. I never succumbed to that bullshit because I knew I had done nothing wrong.  There were a few self-righteous former friends whom I asked to tell me what I had done to offend them and they refused to tell me. I was confused and frustrated, sad and hurt, but I just moved on. I didn't visit their blogs. I didn't spend time thinking about them.

Yet anytime I write something that is the least bit inflammatory they show up.

This is the internet, folks, the land of outwardly appearing sane people being given full anonymity and with it the ability to act completely bat shit crazy.

And it's like they are obsessed with me. Just waiting for me to say something they can smack me down for. Wanting to see me fail. Wanting to see me fall.

God, if I could get people this dedicated to loving me instead of hating me, I would be making millions on Mountains Wanted by now.

In any case, I will be shutting down my blog there at the end of the month regardless of whether or not  I've finished my archiving project. And I will not look back.


  1. It's amazing how self-righteous and judgmental people can be from behind the safety of a computer screen, especially about shit that happened a lifetime ago...they need to let it go and move on already

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  3. I don't think they are obsessed with you. Like I said last night in your blog, misery loves company. They are miserable people who will try to drag you into their fold. Like Stacey siad, they are keyboard warriors. And their little cheerleader minions, are people who lead miserable lives and use this medium to make others miserable. It does not matter where they go, their drama and gossipmongering (enter name of their next target here) will continue.

    The part I find extremely hilarious is when their "friends" remove themselves from a blog or other social networks (even though they invited themselves to it, lol), without asking the other person side of whatever lie their friend spread to advance their own agenda. These people take those lies as gospel. I remember seeing a group of minions leaving my blog and facebook page like rats abandoning a sinking ship when the drama unfolded, lol And like parrots, choose to ignore facts or to ask the other person side of the story and keep repeating the same old tired lies. Love doesn't keep the world turning, drama does, lol

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  4. I'm not sure what happened on AFF. I'm just glad I get to keep following you!!

  5. The past is the past and maybe leaving will be a fresh start for you. And maybe you'll find out who does love you.