Tuesday, February 5, 2013

the business of busy-ness

Everyone is so damn busy.

I really hate to hear people whine and complain about being busy, yet I often fall into that trap as well. Today I rushed my kids to school, got to work, prepared for a 9:30 AM class, taught the class, crammed some lunch down my throat, did a 12-2 pm research desk shift, then went straight to a 2 pm meeting.

It's been a pretty busy day, but I still had time to post a blog on AFF, play a couple of rounds of Words with Friends, update my Facebook status, and call a friend I hadn't spoken with for awhile.

I've been using the "I'm too busy" excuse to explain why I haven't written much lately. It's true that writing takes more than a couple of micro-chunks of time here and there. But I am tired of using excuses. I think I am going to try to start writing five or ten minute vignettes that I can incorporate into my book.  Maybe it will be the description of the weather or how Sarah looks on a particular day.  Maybe it will be a short erotic scene or the prelude to a longer scene.  Maybe it will be a dialogue between two characters.  I have to start finding ways to tackle this project looming over me.

Has anyone ever tried something like this to break up a daunting task? Did it work? Do you think it would be harder to do this for a creative task versus something more straightforward?

Anyone else have any brilliant ideas for me?

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  1. Breaking projects into chicks is the only way to complete a marathon. May runners don't look at a marathon as one 26 mile but rather a sequence of a bunch of shorter races.

    Keep at it in chunks and over time you win.