Tuesday, March 5, 2013


WARNING: I'm going to brag and get generally sappy so if you're not down with that, no need to keep reading.

Here are some comments I've received on my final blog post on AFF:

"All due respect to all the other writers out there, but it was your blog that convinced me that this section of the site was worth a damn. You struck a near-perfect balance between stunning pictures and thoughtful prose. All the best ...."

"Never had a chance to really know you, but I can assure you that your blog helped me against work stress and being in a bad mood. I don't know the reason you're leaving, but I wish you all the best. Stay who you are. I can tell you that you won't be forgotten by me or any other people who read your blog.

"Thank you for sharing so much of your wonderful self with your readers. Thank you for giving me the inspiration and the courage to start my own blog. Thank you for all your support in my various and assorted adventures over the years. Thank you for all your kind and encouraging words. Most of all, thank you for a friendship that goes beyond this blog and will continue FOREVER."

"I'm going to miss you sooo much Hun. You have been one of my inspirations and encouragements to keep going when the shit gets rougher than I think I could ever handle. Take care and all the best!! Giant hugs!!"

"I've only been following you for a year or so but have come to appreciate your frankness, perception and willingness to share your life with us. The good, the bad, the joys and heartaches. Thanks for sharing and we all will miss you. You will see my name on your other blog and FB page. All the best in your writing endeavors. I have read the first three chapter of Mountains Wanted and you have done well hun. Thanks again for sharing your life with us!!"

"You and your blog forced me to open up...I was never very good at opening up and confronting my feelings. I tried blogging for about a year and I opened up to some things I never really thought about before. I wish you all the success you've earned. I will always consider you a great friend."

"I have been a member for about 2 years and a reader of your blog for almost as long. I have greatly enjoyed reading about your adventures and journey. You have definitely lived up to the title of your blog by being an open book. Your blog has been sexy and thought provoking. I can relate to many of your topics and find that you have been able to discuss anything with intelligence and class. I have been a classic "lurker" and rarely comment on other people's blogs, but I could not simply let you leave without voicing my appreciation for the words you have written. (and pictures you have posted...you are very sexy!) So to cap this off...best of luck to you as you continue your adventures away from [the site]. You will be greatly missed."

"Thank you so much for sharing a big part of yourself with us. Your blogs are thought provoking ,honest, and insightful. I wish you all the very best in whatever the future holds for you. Take care."

It's just a small sampling of the flattering things people had to say about my blog. It's hard to believe that I have had such an influence on my readers, but seeing it in black and white - it's just so humbling. It was these people who gave me the courage to put myself out there and publish a novel. I may have never been brave enough to write Mountains Wanted without my blogging community. I am forever grateful for their support, feedback, kind words, and sometimes tough love throughout the years!


  1. Well we just read through your prezi odyssey, it is an awesome piece of work. It looks like you live a very colourful life, truly inspirational :)
    We haven't been on the site you are leaving for very long so we never really got to appreciate your blogging. It’s a sad thing as some of the things you mentioned you blogged about in your odyssey like the relationships, dealing with jealousy and the swinging life style looked really interesting. We guess we can't say we will miss your contributions to that site but we can say we are sorry we missed you.
    We'll look forward to reading on here :)

    E&T (livesexy_se)

  2. It feels so good to know your writing has had an affect on someone's life, big or small :)

  3. And they are all true.

  4. I am missing An Open Book on the other site already. Thanks to MapleSyrupLand I was able to find the path to your new blogging home. I enjoyed your book and hope that you continue writing because you will only get better and better. As for drama, good drama and even conflict are necessary for us to progress. Unfortunately some folks never learned how to play and end up becoming irrelevant.