Monday, April 29, 2013

my man

My last poem for National Poetry Month:

My Man

My man is strong...
When he wraps his arms around me I'm cocooned in safety.
His heartbeat, loud and steady,
Turns the tides of my moods as I lay my ear across his chest.

My man is smart...
His mind has the sharpness of lightning and the depth of the sea.
His eyes have driven across thousands of pages
But his thoughts are his own.

My man is tender...
His touch can soothe a child's tear.
His finger drawn across my cheek feels like a whisper
but has the power of a shout.

My man is steadfast...
Solid like a great stone wall, unwavering.
Renewing his commitment each day,
and quick to dispel any doubt.

My man is passionate...
His energy reaches the farthest points of the universe
and resonates through my core,
Drawing me to his flame.

My man is nothing...
but an illusion.


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