Wednesday, June 19, 2013

all I want

The older I get, the more I'm learning that I'm not really a materialistic person. I mean, I love a great pair of shoes as much as any chick, but I have also discovered that the happiness obtained from their purchase is ephemeral at best (the endurability thereof is directly proportionate to the awesomeness of said footwear.)

I have found I don't really care about money either (although I've never really had much; maybe I'd change my mind if I did?) And even though I have had some really great jobs, I have never gotten that much satisfaction out of my career. (It also appears to be fleeting and constantly hampered by the number of asshats I encounter on any given day.)

All I really want in this life is a family to love and love me (which hopefully includes one or more romantic partners) and to write. That's it. I always thought I was a complex person, but maybe I'm simple after all. (Can simple people employ this degree of parenthetical commenting?)

Who knew?

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  1. It's the simplest things that provide the most joy in life, is what I've found :)