Wednesday, June 12, 2013

How I'm Spending my MommyCation by Phoebe Alexander

Remember when you returned to school in the fall and you had to write a lame little essay called "What I Did on Summer Vacation?"

This is kinda like that.

So, I returned home from dropping my kids off at their grandparents on Monday night. Traffic around Baltimore/DC was a huge, fucking bitch. (Sorry, I curse more when my kids aren't around. You've been warned.) I was tired but I managed to copy and paste in the rest of Chapter 15 and 16 that I'd written on Notepad on my laptop (cause I didn't have internet access in the car and I mostly use Google docs) and I had to clean up the formatting which took for-fucking-ever.

I was supposed to go to the gym on Tuesday morning before going to see my lover but he had sort of pissed me off the night before and I was in a generally bad mood. I decided to edit Chapter 15 and work on a bit of Chapter 16 instead of going to the gym and leaving promptly to see him. Turned out to be a good choice. I forgot to mention that while I was away I decided to extend the number of chapters I was planning for Mountains Climbed from 18 to 20 (I can't do 19 chapters. My OCD will simply not allow me to. Although there are 21 in Mountains Wanted so if I add them together, that's 41 and that is really not acceptable either but I'm trying to be mature about it.)

I think the decision is a good one as I've accepted it's going to take me at least 5K more words to get the build up right to the ending plus my lover made a suggestion that would add a bit more to everything going on in James' head as he has a huge decision to make and I believe I will be incorporating it. So there will be more, shorter chapters instead of some super long ones at the end. I'm at 85+K words right now about halfway through Chapter 16 and I'm looking at about 105K total words. Knowing myself and my verbosity, it could easily stretch to 107-109 but I'm aiming to make it shorter than the first book, which is 109.

Anyway, I spent the night with my lover last night and things were mostly okay. I really can't get into all that right here and now. Those of you who know me in person know the struggle I am going through with him. After 2.5 years though, I pretty much take it in stride. There was just one flare-up yesterday but that resulted in really hot makeup sex so I can't complain too much. It is what it is.

I came home early this morning because he had to work 12 hours today. I had a playdate canceled this morning but I think that was a blessing in disguise as I've been working on an erotic scene in Chapter 16 that is pretty intense. It's the bi threesome scene between Sarah, Garrett and another man. I really think it's pushing the envelope knowing the prejudices people, even (especially) swingers, have toward bi men but I figure if Anne Rice can do it, so can I. I think it is hot. So hot, in fact, I had to take a little break to relieve some pressure ifyouknowwhatimeanandithinkyoudo!

Tonight I have a date! I am super excited about this new friend of mine and feel there is some strong potential so cross your fingers for me! I hope I'm on track to finish Mountains Climbed by next week if I can stay home (and out of bed) long enough to do it!

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