Thursday, June 6, 2013

I totally forgot what I was going to say...

I clearly remember having a thought yesterday amidst my busy day scrambling about to get things in order for my MommyCation.

Oh yes, MommyCation, haven't you heard of that? It's when a mother gets a break from her kids and can live it up like a wildwoman for a specified amount of time. In the summer, my crew goes to visit their grandparents for about two weeks and I generally try to see how many times I can get laid in their absence.

(Come on, I'm trying to be funny. I also try to do other stuff. Like breathe.)

Anyway, my thought was "Oh, tomorrow's the last day I'm going to be around for awhile and I should totally post a blog." I'm 99% certain I had a topic in mind too but that's what escapes me at the moment. I guess I got distracted thinking about all the sex I was going to have during my MommyCation.

Have you ever gotten a nice healthy break from your children? Did you revel in it or feel slightly guilty for gleefully sprinting away after you dropped them off?

1 comment:

  1. Never heard of that term before. As much as I love children, sometimes I am glad I don't have any.

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