Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Xxxmas :)

Dear friends,

I hope you are all having a lovely holiday season. I recently dug out this blog post I wrote circa 2010 and I thought I'd share it with you as a Christmas gift. WARNING: It's for mature audiences only! ;)

My husband and I failed to make firm plans for a post-Blogger Bash party, preferring to leave things open-ended.  Tons of cool people at the party plus some friends of ours in town meant the possibilities were endless!  He left the bash with another woman and I hung around the bar wishing my feet would just fall off they hurt so bad from my killer red heels.  Eventually, though, I found myself at the door of my hotel room with 4 other people: a close female friend, my FWB Luke, and two other men I'd just met that night. 

When we arrived, my husband and his lady friend were talking on the bed, but she quickly dispersed (maybe she was frightened by what she imagined would come next?) I kicked off my beautiful but painful 4 inch red heels and my girlfriend, let's call her Natalie, collapsed in the plush armchair near the bed which was already occupied by our new friend Sean.  My husband observed from another chair in the corner while the other two men, Jason and Luke, began to massage my feet and calves as I stretched out on the king-sized bed.

I closed my eyes for a moment and let some tension and excess energy soak into the bed as I cleared my mind temporarily of all the goings-on at the Blogger Bash.  The post-party was going to have to be pretty intense to match the amazing time I'd had at the bash.  I briefly considered that my readers would think I was capping off the evening exactly as they'd expect me to.  (See, I think about you guys all the time!)

I glanced over at Natalie and she and Sean were kissing and making out.  A smile crept across my face. It's always hard to know how to get these things started.  Often I have to be the one to set playtime in motion, but they were already off and running. 

I slid my panties down around my ankles and Jason and Luke were more than happy to watch them flutter to the floor.  Still wearing my silky black dress, I hiked it up my thighs revealing my smoothly shaved pussy.  Jason took this as an invitation and maneuvered between my legs, massaging my thighs, lapping at my clit like it was coated with nectar.  Luke exposed my breasts and began to kiss them and tease my tingling hard nipples until I looked down at his pants and said they needed to go.  Ahhh, I thought as his rock hard cock sprung into my face, it felt even better to have a cock in my mouth while Jason continued to explore my pussy with his mouth and tongue.

I had almost forgotten to look over to see what Natalie was up to, but when I finally did, the sight was amazing.  She was positioned on the floor on her knees, grasping my husband's erect cock on one side of her and with Sean's buried deep in her mouth on the other side.  I watched her switch back and forth between the two men who looked down on her approvingly, deep moans forming on their lips.   The sight of her pleasuring two men just feet away from me revved up the intensity of the sensations coursing through my body.  I sucked Luke's cock for all it was worth and then exploded in Jason's face as he continued to lap up all of my juices.  When I finally came to, Natalie had switched positions again!

This time she was 69'ing Sean, riding his face while my husband began to slide his cock into her from behind.  He told me later that she had begged him to fuck her in that position while Sean ate her pussy and he was more than happy to oblige.  So as I watched him drilling away at her and her mouth bobbing up and down on Sean's dick, her screams of pleasure intermittently muffled when her mouth was stuffed full of cock,  I smiled slyly and said to Jason and Luke, "I'll take what she's having!"

I quickly pulled my dress up over my head, tossing it halfway across the room and releasing my round, full breasts in one swift motion.  Luke stretched out on the bed and I mounted him in the 69 position, straddling his face and lowering my soaking wet pussy to his lips as I bent to take his throbbing cock into my mouth.  Jason slipped a condom on and took his position behind me, working his cock into my dripping hole.  He fucked me slowly and steadily so I didn't sacrifice my focus on Luke's cock.  There is NOTHING better than being fucked while I have a nice hard, thick cock to lick and suck.  I continued to glance over at Natalie taking her cocks like a good girl and the sheer hotness of the scene titillated every fiber of my being, building an orgasm incrementally.  Suddenly I hit the peak and everything went black.  I felt suspended, basking in wave after wave of pleasure as the climax shook my body sending reverberations through both Jason and Luke.

Eventually Jason was spent and went to clean up.  I climbed off Luke and lay down on my back, eager to have his rock hard dick inside me.  Jason came back to the bed and laid down beside me.  I stroked Jason's thigh and up around his balls while Luke slid his cock into the very depth of me, causing me to cry out from the intensity.  He thrusted slowly and I tangled my legs around him taking him in as deep as I could, on the very edge of what I could tolerate pain-wise. 

Natalie had meanwhile moved beside me on the bed where my husband began fucking her again while Sean stood at the edge of the bed feeding her his cock.  With Luke still buried deep inside of me, everyone else changed positions.  Jason assumed the position between Natalie's thighs so he could bury his face in her freshly fucked pussy.  Sean came to my side of the bed and began fucking my face and my husband stood beside Natalie now feeding her his cock and beginning to feel his balls tighten with cum, poised to explode.  I looked over and watched Natalie's eyes, burning with desire for my husband's cum.  Luke was still pounding away at my cunt and I grabbed Sean's dick with my hand so I could turn and watch.  Natalie's mouth open, her lips begging him to feed her his cum, my husband stroked his cock until the cum erupted in three long spurts, covering Natalie's face and mouth.  My husband bent to lick the hot, thick jism off Natalie's chin and allowed her to suck it off his tongue like a greedy little whore.

Luke was afraid he might be hogging me so he pulled out and was soon replaced by Sean who began relentlessly drilling away at my juicy cunt, my hands gripping his ass.  Luke went to give some attention to Natalie, who was STILL hungry for cock.  The night ended with both of us getting fucked, side by side, and both Luke and Sean cumming while Jason and my husband watched.   Actually, that's not entirely true...the night ended with Natalie and I sharing a deep, passionate kiss, partially lamenting not having included more girl-on-girl action in our orgy, and partially with blissful sighs about how amazing it turned out in spite of that.

When everyone was redressed, we looked around the room at each other, grins plastered upon our faces, knowing that we were unlikely to experience such a magical night for years to come!

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  1. Merry Christmas to you my dear! Excellent blog!