Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I'm an extremely passionate and emotionally volatile person (read: moody bitch).  Although I am quite extroverted and can usually keep my feelings in check and go about my  normal daily routine. Most people would have no idea there was emotional turmoil churning throughout my core approximately 1/4 of the time (kinda depends what week of the month it is too).  I have to have an outlet though and not surprisingly writing has been that outlet for me for quite some time; first it was poetry, then my blog and now my novel.

Last night I was missing someone who is a huge part of my life.  Our relationship is in some ways rather fragile because it's so ill-defined and so unconventional.  He was actually the source of inspiration for the book.  He's away this week and it's been hard due to the circumstances of his trip.

Anyway, I will NOT spill my guts here.  That's not what this blog is for (I torture my adult site blog readers with that stuff :P)  But I did want to point out that I'd been struggling with coming up with a tagline for the novel and it just hit me last night during the emotional upheaval: an epiphany.

See, pain = good.

Sometimes, anyway.

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