Saturday, July 6, 2013

full circle

It's almost 1 AM on July 7th.

One year ago today, my lover and I sat in a little podunky pizza place in the little podunky town where he lives and gave birth to an idea that seemed bigger than either of us.

He said something about Fifty Shades of Grey and how I had so much more talent. Why wasn't I capitalizing on this trend of erotica being read, discussed, and lauded in the mainstream media? he wanted to know. After all, I'd been blogging erotica on an adult site for years and years and had amassed a following of 1500+ pervs. I laughed it off and said, "Oh, that would require me coming up with a plot and characters and all that stuff."

He said, "So? Let's do it."

Within the next hour, we had the basic outline of Mountains Wanted. Of course, I didn't know it was going to be called that. I sort of stole his username from a site he's on for the title and he just did confess to me recently how irritated he was by that. Ooops. But something had just clicked in me. It felt so right. (Like most things do for me when he's involved ;))

So guess what. One year to the day later, I have published the sequel to Mountains Wanted. It's called Mountains Climbed and follows James through his deployment to Afghanistan and follows Sarah through another school year, a book publishing, a new relationship, two theatrical productions, tensions with her children's fathers, the birth of her best friend's baby, and most of all, her fight to deal with her feelings for James.

Don't you want to read it?

Well, you can, starting today:

And by the way, this seems as good of a time as any to make this announcement: There will be a third book in the series. It will be called Mountains Loved and it will be about Sarah's daughter Abby. I'm hoping to write it in 2014. Stay tuned!

And, as always, thank you SO MUCH for your support!


  1. Cant wait?? I was re reading mountains wanted yesterday... I looked up in amazon and is still not live... i will wait until you post the link!!!

  2. Congrats on the sequel! I'm really looking forward to reading it :)

  3. Its amazing whatcan be accomplished when we put our minds to something. What is more amazing is that it isone step at a time. Often we may feel like we never accomplish much and over time and focused effort we look back and go, wow see what ive been able to do. Congratulations!!!!

    I look forward to reading mountains climbed.