Wednesday, July 10, 2013

here's what's next for Phoebe Alexander

I'm writing another book now under a different pseudonym and it's not erotica. I don't prefer to have it connected to my Phoebe Alexander persona (at least for now) so I'm not going to mention the title at this juncture. I think it has some potential and I'm seriously considering going the traditional publication route. I hope to have that book done by the end of next month.

But let me talk about my next project as Phoebe.

Although the character of Sarah is very much like me, she has a very different background than I do. I grew up in a very religious and conservative house and when I first began to explore poly/swinging type stuff I had to seriously reconcile it with my faith. Despite my lifestyle, I do actually consider myself to be a Christian and a lot of times people are curious how I reconcile my beliefs with my actions.

So I was thinking about that aspect and how interesting it would be to explore it in a novel. I was also thinking about how Sarah just dabbles in swinging. She's certainly not a hardcore swinger and she doesn't really participate in much of a community. Sure there's a club and house party scene in the first book, but she's very much on the fringe of that culture.

I've been lucky enough (lucky may not actually be the right word but I'm trying to be positive here) to be involved with a rather large community and I want to bring that aspect of the lifestyle to life in my next book. It's a rather tight knit group who really form close friendships in many cases. Some of the friends I have met in the lifestyle are the people I consider nearest and dearest to me.

But there is a dark side too. There can be petty jealousy and cattiness, gossip and ostracizing. There are double standards. There's definitely drama.

My next book will take place in Ocean City, Maryland, and will focus on a  professional woman in her late twenties named Leah Miller who is the assistant general manager of a hotel. The hotel hosts a swinger group and she gets stuck bartending one night for their event when one of her bartenders doesn't show. She meets a charming, handsome fishing boat captain  in his early 40's named Chris Sheldon who is part of the lifestyle group in attendance. She begins to date him and must determine whether or not she can reconcile her religious beliefs with his lifestyle, a lifestyle he wants her to participate in with him. They will face some lifestyle drama and she will have to break into the group as a newbie and outsider. Leah will also have to face her relationship insecurities as she questions whether or not Chris' feelings for her are genuine.

The title will be Fisher of Men.

What do you think?


  1. Holy cow! :)

    I consider myself a Christian as well and do not participate in the lifestyle. I have of rencent been struggling with the reconciliation of my Christian faith and the lifestyle.

    Since this topic will be very close to my own struggles I cant wait to read what you jave to say.

    1. Interesting. I am curious if your faith is holding you back from the lifestyle?

      I think it will be a very interesting exploration both for me and for my readers! I'm really looking forward to getting started on it!

  2. Hello Phoebe,

    The short answer to your question would be yes. Add in the complexity of a committed long term relationship (26 years of marriage) and the reconciliation becomes very personal stuggle.