Thursday, July 11, 2013

on criticism

So my last two reviews of Mountains Wanted have not been particularly flattering. One was a 2 star, and one a 4 star, which I found generous considering the content of the review.

The first reviewer claimed to have made it 25% through and said that she stopped because nothing was happening. Now, I fully accept that my book is not a thriller or an action-packed summer blockbuster type of thing but I think a lot of ground is covered in the first quarter of the book. We are introduced to the main characters, we get an understanding of where they are in life, we see the sparks fly between James and Sarah and we get to read some hot sex. It's all building toward something. No, there's not anything wild and crazy happening. No deaths, births, and nothing blows up. Is that okay? Do readers really need so much more? I'm seriously asking this, not as a rhetorical question, but I want to know if there is supposed to be a lot of action (besides sex) in a romantic erotic book?

Now, the second reviewer. She started by saying I'm a good writer, which I do appreciate. But then she went on to complain about how she doesn't like to read about sex and there was too much of it in the book. Um. Why would you read erotica if you don't like to read about sex? I totally don't get that. And, unlike most readers, she was actually happy with the way it ended. I hope she doesn't read the sequel because she's not going to like it. LOL

Anyway, I find it fascinating to read the varying opinions. I'm not really that hung up on the critical aspects of reviews. Most people say it's a compelling story with relatable characters and hot sex. Most say I'm a good writer even if they don't like a particular element. That's enough for me. I'm overall pleased with the reviews I've received, it's just once in awhile I shake my head wondering why expectations are so out of line with what the novel actually is.

If you haven't reviewed Mountains Wanted, I would be grateful if you would. Here's a link for easy access:

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