Wednesday, January 29, 2014

announcement!!! my next project

A couple of interesting tidbits for you this morning!

First of all, I was taken aback that just a short time after I'd titled my next project, a former blogging comrade from the adult site messaged me to ask if I'd come back to the site for a month of blogging called No Filter February. Considering the nature of my next project, I think the timing works very well. So if you followed me there, I hope you'll log on and read what I have to say next month! It will be fun to have a big blogging audience again.

So, without further delay, here's the title and synopsis of my next project!

Unlaced: A Second Coming of Age
Most women experience a series of typical rites of passage in their late teens and early twenties: losing their virginity, gaining independence from their parents, embarking upon careers, and often getting married and having babies. But increasingly, women are undergoing a second coming of age in their thirties and forties in which they discover their true selves and embrace their place in the world.
Phoebe Alexander found herself on the threshold of her second coming of age in her early thirties when she finally recognized her identity was much more than just wife, mother, professional, and churchgoer. After an affair, opening her marriage and exploring a playground of sexual fantasy, she eventually found her voice as a blogger on the largest adult site in the world. In four years of blogging, she amassed a large readership that followed her adventures and journey toward self-discovery and acceptance, which culminated in the publication of her first erotic romance novel in 2012.
In Unlaced: A Second Coming of Age, Phoebe's journey is documented through a series of blog posts that reveal her extraordinary encounters along with her deepest, darkest inner thoughts as she works toward reconciling her faith, motherhood, and body image with her newly found desire for sexual liberation. 

What do you think?