Wednesday, March 26, 2014

beautiful purgatory

It was the winter that it kept snowing
Oh, it was lovely at first of course
Diamonds in the trees, glitter on the lawn
But it was relentless, coming back again and again
Like a selfish tyrant
I kept waiting for the thaw, for Spring to stage her coup
To bear tender shoots
To cradle fragrant blossoms against her bosom
But she never came

I stood at your pearly gates begging you to let me in
But you said, no stand there awhile yet, be patient
I don't know if you're worthy
Just stay right here in this embrace
I'll keep you warm, you said
I thought you were my savior, I said
You left me to shiver in the sparkling snow
Fighting the chill in the beautiful purgatory
We painted together.


  1. It's been awhile since you posted. Good to see that you exist outside of the 'other website' still. Hope things are going good and still awaiting the release of your next book. :)