Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Oh my gosh, does it look like I'm screaming with that subject?

Well, I am, because it was a very long fucking winter during which I battled depression, lack of motivation, and a great deal of uncertainty about my future. Now it's finally spring and I have a clear direction and some awesome news to share with you.

I'm finally going to publish this damn book I've been writing for a million years. It really only feels like that, but I'm pretty sure it's been almost 6 months now. I thought originally I'd be releasing it in January or February, then I thought March for sure. Well, now it's April and I'm well past the halfway mark. I have my calendar set with writing goals nearly every day so that I can finish writing by mid-May and have the book up on Amazon on June 5th! I hope my beta readers will be able to keep up with me!

And if you're trying to decide if you'd like to read it, maybe this short, steamy excerpt will help make up your mind?

Desire washed over Leah like a tidal wave. She glanced back to see that Cap had followed her into the room and was standing beside the bed, also observing the scene playing out before them. She looked up at him with eyes that gleamed green with lust and insistently tugged the dense fabric of his jeans. He crouched down next to her and whispered in her ear, “Like what you see?”

In lieu of a spoken answer, she forcefully yanked him down on top of her, aching for his weight against her body, for his lips to press down on her mouth. He was more than happy to oblige, shifting so that he was stationed between her legs. She could feel his erection pressing through the thick denim of his jeans into the exposed flesh of her thighs. “I want you now,” she demanded, trembling with her sudden and all-encompassing need.

She felt Other John's eyes boring into her as Cap eagerly ripped her black velour skirt down past her ankles and briskly pulled her sequined tank top up over her head. “It's almost midnight,” John warned Cap. “Looks like we're all going to ring in New Year the right way!”

“Fuck yes!” Cap agreed and began to strip away his own clothes. Mary screamed as an orgasm ripped through her which happened to coincide with the exact moment Cap's engorged cock came springing out of his boxer briefs. “Hey look at that, didn't even have to touch her!” he joked. John cracked up laughing but didn't miss a stroke and The Blonde briefly came up for air long enough to nod and smirk in appreciation of his humor.

“Quit fooling around and slide your cock inside me!” Leah begged, her back arching as she impatiently waited for him to resume his position between her legs. She was at that precise point of inebriation where she was fully cognizant of her inhibitions and filters having been thrown out the window, but too far gone to give a shit about it.

“Damn, Cap, give the girl what she wants!” Mary shouted, having regained the capacity for normal speech after her orgasm subsided.

Leah felt every last bit of Cap's eight inch cock push past her lips till he was buried to the hilt inside her. He had decided to test her patience a bit longer and to stall there, balls-deep but denying her any movement. Other John, still rhythmically pounding into The Blonde, watched as Leah's brows began to furrow and her teeth clenched as she grinded her hips against Cap, desperate for him to move inside of her. 

Don't you want to know what happens next? <evil grin>

Of course you do, and you can find out on JUNE 5TH!